Your Little Kids Like Play in Dirty..? Who's Afraid..?

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Child's world is the world of play and some dirty things normally attract the attention of children. Playing dirty not just fun for kids, but also has many benefits. 
EduKids gives Moms & Dads summarize from various sources what is benefits of dirty joy for your SmarKids..

Boost immunity
No need to panic and worry about the health of the child. It is often synonymous with gross disease, but that does not mean it's dangerous to play dirty. It is precisely by playing dirty will enhance a child's immune.

According to research by experts, children need to be dirty because it occasionally if it is too clean, the skin's ability to heal ourselves precisely the child is disturbed or damaged.

Graham Rook, a professor of immunology at University College London have published the results of research on the relationship between exposure to microbes and the body in the development of allergies in which Mycobacterium vaccae is a type of bacteria found in soil which is used as the basis for the treatment of allergic conditions like asthma.

Rook believe precisely because of 'too clean and hygienic' cause diseases such as asthma, eczema, hay fever, and even disease 'autoimmune' diseases such as diabetes type T1 and intestinal inflammation.
Body's response to a disease that causes inflammation regulated by the immune system. This requires exposure to a variety of bacteria and microbes are not harmful in the early growth period of children in order to respond effectively to the actual disease in the future. (Http://

To learn a texture and train motorik
Something dirty usually textured from smooth to rough. With a dirty play, children will learn that textures.
Children usually love to play with the materials 'messy' like mud, sand, clay, paints, crayons and play dough.

According to Patricia Hughes, the Benefits of Messy Play, says that when children play using messy materials, then the various abilities of children will be stimulated. Child's Fine motorik skills will be stimulated when the hand is feeling the texture of smooth or rough, or when the fingers grasping, squeezing, pinching, or grasping instrument playing. In addition, the child's hands and eye coordination getting trained. This activity could strengthening the muscles of the hand and fingers of children.

Foster child's creativity through imagination.
Playing dirty is usually filled with color, texture and shape. It is exciting for children, they will imagine and the imagination of children more creative.

Children Learning to Love the Environment
Playing dirty is identical with something other than a "messy" is usually synonymous with playing outside the house (in nature) or with animals. By playing in nature and with animals, children will learn to love the environment.

So..Moms,well...there are many benefits when children play a dirty things. Below is tips what should you do to make safe and useful when the children palying a dirty things.

Supervise and accompany the child at the time of playing dirty (especially for toddlers ages) so that children avoid things that are not desirable (eg: inserting toy in her mouth). It would be better if the mother could play together. By playing together, but can also supervise the foster child emotional attachment with the mother of the child.

Try to point to meaningful game, example gardening, washing a car and etc. Beside children will happy, yu have another benfit from it and children learn about how to hlep their parents.

Provide a special clothes when the children playing a dirty things. It will be heplp you to make a nice clothes children stay clean & nice.

And the last, assist your children to wash their hands after playing a dirty  things. Before you could ask your children to make tidy up their toys, please do with cheerful. Such us do with singing the song, make competition with children, and etc. Many things can be learned such us a snese of responsibility, clasification object, make a childern more independent and etc.

Oke Moms...Ready to play a dirty tings with your beloved children. Sure, you and your children will enjoy it :)

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