How To Train Children Learn Fasting

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Marhaban ya Ramadhan ...
Moms... Ramadhan has arrived and for Muslims, this is the most anticipated month for a full month of mercy & blessing for all our deeds will be multiplied :)

What about the little Kids, do need to take fasting?
Fasting is required for people who have maturity according to God's word in Surat al Baqorah: 183 -184 "Oo..people who believe, fasting obligatory upon you as required above those before you, in order you to cautious, (ie) within a few days certain. "

But there is no harm if we introduce our Kids early on how fasting. There is no fixed rule when the child is taught fasting, make sure to remember your child is able to communicate two-way so it is easy to teach "why we are fasting" and "the purpose of fasting" itself.

This is some common tips that parents do to train their children to learn fasting :
  • Make sure the condition of your child is mature and ready to do both psychologically and biologically. On starting to teach fasting, in addition to the condition of psychic / mental health of mothers also need to look at the little kid, so do not be forced. Create a fun atmosphere at the time of fasting.
  • Teach your child about why we are fasting as well as the purpose and benefits of fasting. Because the best way to teach children to fast is not to govern but to inspire.
  • Introduce your child to ramadhan activities such as meal together, go together, pray tarawih. Mother was able to begin to introduce what it Ramdhan and its activities early as possible before the child begins to learn fasting.
  • Give examples of your child. As we know our "children are the most accomplished impersonator" so the most effective way to teach is that we as parents and our closest environment to fasting.
  • Do it step by step. Should not teach fasting from dawn until sunset. But mothers can do it step by step. for an example, your child began to be taught by invited dawn fasting and fitting in school (hours 7:10 to 10:00) fasting (no food & drink) and when the school should open. Once the child is able, the mother can extend the time until finally sunset fasting.
  • Encourage your child to always prepare a meal and a nutritious menu. Meal time is very important to prepare your body to be fasting.
  • Note the pattern of play the child, sometimes our little kids forgotten that they are fasting so playing as usual and spending a lot of sweat, causing lack of fluids.
  • Set your baby sleep schedule. Sometimes your child participate terawih until evening, that is beyond his sleep schedule. Mother could change the time of nighttime sleep that decreases with a longer nap.
  • Create a fun atmosphere at the time of fasting. Mother could be done by whom your child choose a menu that she liked at the time of breaking and dawn.
  • Give your child the motivation and morale. Fasting sometimes a lot of temptation and fasting is not just hunger or thirst, but also exercise patience.
  • Give rewards to the child when it succeeded in doing. Reward / prize Hattush not given in the form of goods, but can also be done with praise. Gifts (in cash or goods) may be given, but keep in mind not to return the child to be the purpose of fasting. So instead of just wanting anything in return or the child. Explain why the mothers do reward those with fasting being undertaken.
What should be emphasized at the time of fasting to teach children, mothers should not impose, but to do with fun and let me know the meaning of fasting, so the child knows why fasting is for God.
If your child is starting to learn fasting, make this fasting as a culture and it would be nice if in the school environment also has an activities
Well .. Moms ... ready to invite your child to fasting ..? Good luck Moms ... ^ _ ^ 

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