Subconscious Child Education

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We all know that humans have two kinds of mind that is conscious mind and subconscious mind. The conscious mind has the function of identifying the incoming information, compares with the data already exists in our memory, to analyze incoming data and decides the new data will be stored, discarded or ignored while.

Meanwhile, the subconscious mind that capacity is much greater than the conscious mind has a much more complex functions. All functions of our body organs arranged the way it works from the subconscious. Besides the values ​​we hold, the system of trust and confidence in everything is also stored here. Our long-term memory is also contained in the subconscious mind.
Have you noticed a little boy going to sleep and are always looking for a pillow "ragged" favorite? Where did this thought popped into his mind? Who would control it? That is the work of the subconscious mind.
The subconscious mind can control almost ninety percent of our thoughts and actions. Want a real example? Well, imagine suddenly in front of you today, at a distance of approximately 3 meters, you see a glimpse of a snake-like shapes. You sharpen the view to see more clearly and it's true ... ... .... It seems hungry cobras. Body of a man's thigh to move slowly but surely. His voice hissing made my hair stand on end, his eyes are very violent and accompanied his fangs sticking out his tongue sticking-julur ready to pounce on anything that could make it full. What would you do?

Well .... almost most of us will decide to run. Ooops sorry if you're female, you will cry first, right? Only after it ran. Why? Since most of us never knew how to conquer the cobra. Even if we tahupun better run and seek help rather than fight it?

What if you have been told from childhood that the cobra was to bring fortune. Your parents say that the house occupied now is a result of selling cobras. Would you run if you see a cobra in front? No no! You'd think "wow this fortune, without looking up at the front of the eyes".

What distinguishes the above situation? The difference is mind programs that exist in our minds. The program settles in the subconscious and will be triggered out by a single incident. There are so many programs in our subconscious. Have you ever noticed what kind of programs that fall into our minds every day?

Under the mind can not refuse anything you put through your five senses. Even things that you do not consciously notice will be recorded in the subconscious mind.What about our children? Most parents are now busy giving 'food' in 'mind' conscious child. Children age 3 - 4 years was taken away to the place of English language lessons, Mandarin lessons, tutoring writing, reading and so forth.

They say it was the demands of the times. Oh yes .... Which era? And demands such as what exactly? Have you ever seriously think about what is actually required by our children? And what is actually required by a successful life?

Let us look around us, there are many people who speak English with a nice (especially in England and United State) but does not have a job. And there are a lot of people are also the only high school graduates and less English, but a tremendous success! There are many scholars S1, S2 S3 even a mediocre life.

What does that mean? That all means it is neutral. All of them are variable. Variables can be true or false. As x + 2 = 5 would be true if x is replaced with the number 3 and it would be wrong if x is replaced with a 4 or 8. English, Mandarin, college degree, high IQ, go to school high-tops and IP value is variable. Does not guarantee 100% life will be successful!

Then what is the fixed variable? Is there? Surely there. Look at the lives of hundreds of millionaires and abroad, study and draw conclusions is there a regular variable?One thing must be owned by them all is a healthy self-concept. Where a healthy self-concept is stored? In the subconscious mind.

This is what we have to keep in every child. With healthy self-concept almost anything can be done by a child who grew into adulthood. If we are talking healthy self-concept we talk ourselves healthy ideal, healthy self-image and healthy self-esteem. And if we talk to these three things we're talking someone who has a dream, who are willing to make it happen in real life with whatever is at hand. We're talking about the high morale, confidence and positive beliefs, creativity endless, tenacity, courage journey of life, the hardness of a human being and ability to learn whatever is necessary for a success!

Is this a positive self-concept can be conditioned? Yes! You can create conditions that support. The trick is to understand how self-concept is embedded in the subconscious mind. The concept itself is embedded in the subconscious mind through repetition, experience, traditions and models of authority figures in the eyes of a child.

Consider what you repeatedly do, say and think of the children. That's what will shape their future. From these basic ingredients they will develop themselves through interactions with the environment.

Why do babies a year learning to stand and walk? Because ever since he could use his eyes he saw the people around her legs and feet sustained running. Try to imagine what if the baby just to see people crawling since she could use her eyes to see.

As far as whether the program influences the subconscious mind? Program your subconscious mind will determine the success or failure of a person's life. Another way to say a person's life lived is a manifestation of existing programs into the subconscious in a certain level.

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