Positive Suggestion for Kids Subconscious

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Hi Moms ... how's the Smart Kids today ..? Yes definitely cried every day to accompany his activities and of course we often see the intelligence of our Smart Kids increases with something new. Development of the child must be balanced with sufficient nutrients for optimal growth. Moms and Dads often complained about the little kids that is hard to eat. A varied menu selection is one of the tips to make our child addicted to the cuisine of the Mother. Someday Moms going to be the Master Chef for the little one you know ..:) In addition, a supportive atmosphere can also be used as one of the keys to the Kids positive eating with gusto. Eating with family, together with friends or while playing in the park could be an option for triggering mood eating of our child. But sometimes even those efforts have been done, there are still complaints about the little one is fussy eaters. So..Is there any alternatives tips ..? 

Well, Mama Aretha try to review the other methods for psychologically suggestion, by the subconscious therapy or hypnosis. 

Methods of hypnosis can be done simply by each parent. Sentences such as a positive suggestion: "From now on sister (let's call her name) hooked all kinds of healthy food ..." can be given when the child was asleep. When the little one is in phase to deep trance of sleep (deep sleep). 

Thus, parents do not need to specifically learn hypnotic or taking a course for hours to give suggestions to her son. Suggestions that are usually administered repeatedly, for example three times. Give a clear language, positive sentences, such as has occurred, and the emotional touch. 

The language is clear and specific meaning as you wish. For example, parents want children to eat vegetables, just say so. While that is a positive sentence is absolutely no word "NO" or "DON'T". Avoid saying DO NOT FORGET, but replace the word with REMEMBER. 

Further suggestions should also be given as if it had occurred. The word "will" or "tomorrow" should not be used. The word tomorrow, when you say the same suggestion, the brain would respond that it still happen tomorrow. That is, not going to happen. These pressures reinforce the rhythm that works emotionally as well need to be given. 

Here are the steps that you deserve to try hypnosis :
1. When children sleep, shake her/his head from left and right only slowly. Do not let the kids woke up.
2. After the child reacts by blinking his eyes, stroked his forehead and whispered some words of suggestion you want to enter. Arranged in the form of simple sentences and understand the child. Remember to use positive words.
3. If the child reacts by giving the nod, it means that your suggestion has been entered and the child understood the instructions.
4. If no response, repeat the next day. At least three times in two experiments, one of which will receive the subconscious mind of children. 

Everything we do is certainly a positive effort, trying to do with patience and emotional touch. Enter also the hope and our prayer for the future of our hearts. Positive attitude of the Father and Mother will certainly be a  role models for the little one.
Ok Mom ..! Ready to take the little one swept away into the realm of dreams ..? Make beautiful dreams come true that our Smart Kids can be achieved later grew up ..^_^

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